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Hubert Huynh
Chief Executive Officer


Hubert is the Chief Executive Officer for IT21inc,net since it inception in January 2000. He is a hands-on leader that can overcome many challenges that a new company face. He built and led the organization to develop more than 100 websites for various customers for the last 7 years, using an onshore-offshore business model.

Hubert’s philosophy is to provide customers excellent services using efficient and fundamental processes. He ensures all development teams follow company-established standard and practices that promote reuse, user-involvement, risk management, and quality assurance planning.

Previously, Hubert was an IS director for Marshall and Swift. Under his IT leadership, Marshall and Swift succeeded in transforming itself from a data publishing company to a software company. He established a successful software development process that was used to develop and release several successful software products: Commercial Estimator, Residential Estimator, Marshall and Swift Cost Estimator, European Cost Estimator etc… He eliminated staff turnover problem by creating a corporate culture that allows IT staffs to grow from each project, and to focus at releasable stage of software development.

Hubert held various technical leadership positions at Cresset Powers, BMDP Statistical, and Hughes Aircraft. He has been able to motivate and coordinate members of various departments to complete and deliver software products.

Hubert has put into practices many technology practices: Android Programming, Web services and API development, Flash MX, XML, .Net, SQL Servers, Oracle, ASP/JSP/PHP, multi-tier client/server architecture. He has experiences related to multiple OS platforms including IBM mainframe, SUN/UNIX, Windows 2000 servers, and Linux.

Hubert holds a MBA degree from UCLA and Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Hawaii and a Bachelor degree in Economics. He is a frequent lecturer at College of Engineering and College of Business, California State University, Long Beach.

Jodie Huynh
VP –
Business Development
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Danny Nguyen
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