Business Models

We have several business models that our customers can select

  • Per project basis
  • Pre-paid blocks of hours (hire a developer by hours)
  • Onshore, or Hybrid
  • Virtual development center

Per project basis

In this model, we work on project-basis.

  • You provide specifications and acceptance requirement
  • We implement solutions
  • You perform acceptance test

Pre-paid block of hours

In this model, you hire our engineers a specific block of hours. This choice enables you to save costs compared to per-project basis. The hourly rate will be cheaper than per-project basis.

Onshore or Hybrid

2 models to choose, you indicate your preference about our staff. When you choose Onshore, we can use our California team. The Onshore model is a good fit for agile-oriented projects of 3 or 4 weeks cycles. If you are a global corporation that market your services or products to multiple countries, we could provide a combination of staffs living in different time-zone. We have amble of experiences in internationalization and localization.

Virtual development center

In this model, we will dedicate a team of IT engineers to work for you. The advantages of this model are

  • The team can focus to work on your IT objectives
  • The team can minimize the learning curve
  • This choice is good for R&D works or Prototyping works